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Q. Jobs available at HUUHomes?

A. You can view and apply for any current vacancies at

Q. How do I complain?

A. If you are in anyway dissatisfied with the service you have received from HUUHomes, we would like to know, so that we can work together with you to resolve any issues. Any complaints will be taken very seriously and should be made to Paul Andrews, the manager of HUU Homes (

Q. Can I rent properties through you if I’m not a student?

A. No. All of our properties are for students only.

Q. What do I have to pay to reserve a property?

A. To reserve your property you’ll need to pay the administration fee of £120 per person. There are lots of ways to pay i.e. debit card, bank transfer or cash.

Q. Am I committed to pay rent for a fixed length of time?

A. Yes, depending on the length of the tenancy you sign, you are legally required to pay the rent until the contract ends.

Q. What does ‘jointly and severally’ liable mean?

A. Where there is more than one tenant signing an agreement, all tenants are ‘jointly and severally’ liable. This means that each tenant can be held responsible for the agreement and paying of rent and not just a share of it. Be sure about the people that you agree to share with, because if they fail to pay the rent, you can also be held liable. With this in mind if you feel that one particular tenant is abusing his contract terms and conditions, you are obliged to address the issue as it may affect you in the long term. If you are having problems you can talk to a member of the HUUHomes team or contact the HUU Advice Centre by visiting their website at or visit them on the third floor of University House.

Q. Who will maintain and manage the property?

A. If the property is managed by HUUHomes you should contact us with all maintenance, management and rent issues. Details will be provided about the various ways of contacting us. If the landlord manages the property, you will be given their contact details when collecting your keys.

Q. Will I get an inventory for the property?

A. Yes. Our trained team will create a professional inventory, documenting the exact condition of the property with digital photos.

Q. I have lost my forms to fill in

A. We will gladly send new copies to you. Call in at the office on the ground floor of University House or email us at (please put subject as “Lost/Missing Forms”) or call us on 01482 466446.

Q. How do I move into my new house and collect keys?

A. We’ve created a handy moving in guide which is available under our ‘useful downloads’ section.

Q. How to set up your own bills

A. Gas Utilities – 0870 6081524. Electricity Utilities – 0845 3300889. Yorkshire Water - 0845 1242424. These numbers are for those of you who are responsible for your own bills and on the day your contract begins, you need to call these automated numbers with your postcode and they will inform you of your gas/electricity suppliers, your account number and their telephone numbers. You will need to ring your suppliers to set up a new account in your names providing accurate meter readings, to ensure you are billed correctly. On the day your contract ends the same should be done to close your account and you will be sent a final closing bill. There is only one water supplier so they can be called directly on the number above. To arrange your broadband set up, please contact KC (Kingston Communications) on 01482 602300. Please note the connection can take up to 10 days.

Q. Will my belongings be covered by the Landlord’s insurance?

A. No, tenants must take out insurance for their own belongings.

Q. Post for former tenants

A. If you receive any post for former tenants please simply write across the letter “No longer at this address” and deposit in the nearest Royal Mail postbox.

Q. Council Tax

A. You are exempt from Council Tax as a student. When signing your contract you should have provided your student enrollment number which we will send to Hull City Council to ensure your exemption.

Q. Bins guidelines

A. Please see the link below for all details of your bin collection days. On moving out of your Home, we suggest that you start disposing of rubbish a few weeks before to make sure it has all gone in time. Please note that Hull City Council will not empty the bins if items are not put in the correct bins and they will not remove any items that are not inside the bin.,611326&_dad=portal&_schema=PORTAL

Q. How to report a repair

A. In order that we may maintain a fast and efficient service, we would ask that any fault is reported to us between the hours of 10 am and 2 pm Monday – Friday, you can do this by contacting us on 01482 466446. This will allow HUUHomes to contact the appropriate contractor the same day. Faults reported after 2 pm (unless an emergency) will be administered the following working day. When reporting a fault on a domestic appliance, please make sure you are aware of the make, type and, if possible, model/serial number. If the appliance is under guarantee/ warranty we will be obliged to instruct the manufacturer’s own recommended service engineer in order to avoid invalidating the guarantee/warranty and we have no authority over them with regard to appointments. Similarly, some specialist makes of appliances cannot be repaired by general domestic repairing agents, as the spare parts are only made available to recommended engineers and subsequently you may experience a delay in an engineer calling to repair the appliance.

Q. What about emergency repairs?

A. We recognise that in some rare and particular circumstances it may be necessary for you as tenants to engage the services of a contractor outside normal office hours. This will involve extra expense for your landlord and, as such, we have a duty to ensure that best practice is adopted and that all actions are fair and reasonable. We must stress that your landlord will only accept responsibility for out of hours repairs in a genuine and clear emergency which cannot wait until the next working day. We reserve the right to challenge, on behalf of the landlord, any unsubstantiated call outs and the associated costs incurred.
Please make all of your decisions in the full knowledge of the above.
With the specific exception of the emergency services (e.g. Fire Brigade) all repairs that come to light during office hours must be reported to HUUHomes in the first instance.

Q. Internal politics/arguments within your house

A. We understand that disagreements can occur in households. We ask you all to have mutual respect for each other, but understand that sometimes help may be needed. HUU’s Advice Centre can assist with resolving any disputes. You can visit their website at or visit them on the third floor of University House.

Q. What do I do if I know my rent will default or cannot be paid on time?

A. If you are aware that your cheque/payment will default, you must call us immediately on 01482 466446. If enough time is given, we may be able to devise a more suitable payment plan for the due rent (subject to landlord permission). Please note that it is your responsibility to keep us updated if your payment is late. It is in your interests to keep in frequent contact with us to inform of us of the state of your finances. This will show you are willing and in return we can grant goodwill in many instances. If you are struggling with managing your finances, we recommend that you contact the HUU Advice Centre who may be able to help. You can visit their website at or visit them on the third floor of University House.

Q. I want to find out my postcode?

A. Follow this link - Input your house number and street name to find out your full address.

Q. Renewing your contract for another year

A. Make sure you rebook your property as soon as possible to avoid disappointment - we will endeavour to give you first refusal. Call in at the office on the ground floor of University House or call us on 01482 466446.

Q. Moving out of your home

A. You can download your guide to moving out of your property from our ‘useful downloads’ section on any page.

Q. I am not receiving notices/correspondence from HUUHomes

A. We communicate predominantly through email – this includes all house updates, repairs updates, special offers, 24 hours notice for visits etc. It is your responsibility to keep us updated with your contact details and if these change, please email (please put subject as “Correspondence detail changes”).